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The reader should consult the OSHA bloodborne pathogens and compliance requirements. Part 1 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard The following model for an Exposure Control Plan includes all elements required by the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard 29 CFR 1910. OSHA S bloodborne pathogens standard protects employees who work in occupations where they are at risk of exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. Www. Model Plans and Programs for the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens...
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That coal the name to count on forbetter resources in chemicals equipmentprograms process and achievingcontinuously better results for over 50years that co-creating better resourcesfor facilities maintenance professionalsvet coal resources and processmanagement training library expandingcompetencies for cleaning professionalsthere's a lot of talk these days aboutHIV and AIDS HPV or hepatitis B virusand the dangers of getting infected bycoming into contact with someone else'sblood in your profession you can facemany situations that could potentiallycause you to come in contact with bloodor body fluids from other individualswhether it's removing trash thatcontains a used syringe handling laundrysoiled with blood or simply cleaning upafter a sick child the precautions youfollow for handling these procedurescould mean preventing serious illness oreven deaththat's why OSHA the Occupational Safetyand Health Administration has developedthe blood-borne pathogen standard toprovide guidelines that will help youeliminate or at least reduce yourexposure to HPV HIV and otherblood-borne pathogens while in theworkplace this training module which isone in the Beco resource and processmanagement or rpm library series focuseson OSHA's blood-borne pathogens standardfor the workplace the module will coverwhat are blood-borne pathogens who iscovered by the ocean pathogen standardwhat is exposure following universalprecautions protective practices what ifexposure occurs HBV symptomsHIV symptoms and employerresponsibilities Beco has over 300specialty cleaning products and a fullline of equipment and accessories thefollowing products will be utilized inthis training module winning handspremium antibacterial hand cleaner quatstat broad-spectrum disinfectantexcellent for meeting the OSHAblood-borne pathogen standard tb+phenolic disinfectant cleaner anddeodorant also excellent for OSHAblood-borne pathogens standard prior tousing any cleaning chemical be sure thatyou read the label and consult thematerial safety data sheet for thatproduct before going any further let'sprovide a definition for blood-bornepathogenblood-borne pathogens are pathogenicmicroorganisms that are present in humanblood and can cause disease in humansthese pathogens include but are notlimited to hepatitis B virus HBV andhuman immunodeficiency virus HIVassociated with AIDS OSHA originallydeveloped the blood-borne standard forhealth care and hospital employees butit has been expanded to include anyoccupation in which reasonablyanticipated contact with blood or otherpotentially infectious materials mayoccur including someone who may beresponsible for the cleanup of blood orbody fluids or even those who removetrash or handle laundry within thesesettings there may be potentiallyinfectious materials and how you takecare of them can literally make thedifference between life and deathmost occupational exposure toblood-borne pathogens occurs when thepathogen...